Eastern Suburbs are proud to announce our new Easts+ Goalkeeping academy. This academy will provide Easts Goalkeepers with goalkeeping sessions but there are also many Easts+ Goalkeeping additional sessions on offer as listed below.

Private Sessions – Private Sessions are one on one sessions with Keeper and Coach. This session will run for 45 minutes at an agreed upon time and date. This session may be a one-off session or can be organised on a package deal which allows abilities to be worked on over multiple sessions. This programme is open to players from all  clubs, ages and abilities. We also would offer this to any outfield players who wish to have a go in goal and learn the techniques of a goalkeeper.

Group Private Sessions (Min 2, Max 4) – A group private sessions allow keepers to train in a small group. Options are for groups to be all keepers or a mix of players and keepers. Groups do not have to be made up of one club, so if you have friends or family that you wish to do a session for outside clubs or a mix of clubs than this can be for you. Possibly to have multiple coaches attend (etc Keeper Coach and Striker Coach). Sessions can be organised as one offs or package deals.

Holiday Camp  – The holiday camp session allows all ages and experiences to attend a camp that allows them to experience multiple aspects of being a keeper. Whether you are an experienced keeper, budding learner or a player considering a switch to goals this is for you. Camps will most likely run on weekends or school holidays with a number of sessions per day to cater for different age groups. Prices will be released closer to camp dates.

Match Day Experience (EASTS PLAYERS ONLY) – Match day experience allows Keepers to have access to coaching on match day. The experience covers warm up, in game/half time coaching and a match report. This can cover one keeper. For a second option, if you co-ordinate with other keepers that wish to experience the same coaching and who’s games fall before or after your game prices will differ. This option, coaches will warm up, attend the first half and do a first half match report for the first game, then repeat the process for the second keeper.