New Signing Close Determined to Impress

By November 5, 2014 Senior Mens No Comments

Easts Football club are very pleased to announce Ramone Close as our 1st signing for the 2015 Brisbane Premier League Season.

Head Coach Steve Glockner noted that “Ramone’s experience up front will certainly help us take further steps up the BPL ladder. With a playing history in Portugal, Poland, Belguim and Germany, the wealth of footballing knowledge he brings to our team will be invaluable”.

Recently Matt Heath was on hand to welcome Ramone Close to Easts for 2015. “Ramone will bring many qualities to Heath Park. I’ve played against him over the years and I’m definitely looking forward to having him on our team”

Ramone felt the opportunity to join Easts was the perfect move for him. “Along with a professional set up at Easts, the club atmosphere is 2nd to none. The players have made me feel part of the team after the 1st meeting, which I think is a very important culture trait that wins leagues and Championships”.

“Easts have shown me a Club culture that has inspired me and I’m looking forward to giving this back to the club through my performance on the field with the guidance of Coach Steve Glockner. Along with the talent in the team, the coaching staff and Club Directors are striving to create a football culture that is successful, supportive but also creates pathways and opportunities for footballers to succeed”

It’s great to have Ramone as part of our team for 2015, he’s an intelligent footballer who will work in very well with the squad we are building.